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ToeShamBo = Tic-Tac-Toe + Roshambo (rock-paper-scissor)

A fast and strategic card game where you're playing Tic-Tac-Toe with cards, but the Xs and Os have been replaced with Rock, Paper, & Scissor! If your opponent is blocking your three in a row of Rocks, Papers or Scissors, you can play over their card if your card beats it, Rock-Paper-Scissor style. (Rock>Scissor>Paper>Rock)

There's no ties in the fresh mashup of classic games, and is great for gamers of all ages!

"Over the last month, I have kept this 3″x5″x1″ microgame in my purse and pulled it out time and time again."  Rachael Blaske - Reviewer.

"I think what makes ToeShamBo so special is it feels so natural and intuitive that it certainly doesn’t feel like an abstract game, let alone just another one in the crowd." Frank Alberts - Designer 

 Game contains:
55 Cards: 27 Red Cards, 27 Blue Cards, 1 Center Card.

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