Rules: Pixel Glory: Light & Shadow - Heroic Dungeon


  • 24 Dungeon (Stage 1 Monsters)
  • 25 Dungeon (Stage 2 Monsters)
  • Dungeon Keeper (Stage 1 Boss)
  • Dungeon Lord (Stage 2 Boss)
  • 5 Loot Cards


Welcome to the Heroic Dungeon! Your wizard skills will be put to the test as you fight through the extra difficult Pixel Glory monsters! There’s no need to worry about fame - surviving this dungeon will provide you with an eternity of it! Fortunately, certain monsters drop loot, and this will help you on your quest. Good luck!



The Heroic Dungeon is a cooperative experience that has three phases: the Town Phase, the Stage 1 Dungeon, and the Stage 2 Dungeon.

First, in the Town Phase, players draft their spells the same way they are drafted in the regular cooperative mode.

Shuffle the Stage 1 monsters and place the Dungeon Keeper at the bottom of the monster deck.

The Dungeons

The players then enter the Stage 1 Dungeon with 14 health and fight all the Stage 1 Monsters, and ultimately the Dungeon Keeper. The Dungeon Keeper is placed at the bottom of the Stage 1 monster deck.

If a monster with the keyword Loot is defeated, players immediately decide which player acquires the loot. Loot is not placed into your deck or discard, but in front of you and is a reoccurring ability. Loot may not be traded once assigned to a player.

If the group is successful and defeats the Dungeon Keeper, they get to rest! All defeated players are revived, health is fully restored, combo points are set to 0, and players shuffle their deck and discard piles back together.

If a player carrying loot is defeated, and then revived, their loot is removed from the game.

Players then fight against all the Stage 2 Monsters, and ultimately the Dungeon Lord. The Dungeon Lord is placed at the bottom of the Stage 2 Monster deck.

If you defeat the Dungeon Lord, congratulations, you have won! Now try again with less starting health!

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