Rules: Pixel Glory: Light & Shadow - Sneaky Wizards


Note: 4 Players Required

Wizards must “cooperate” to save the village. However, every player has a hidden agenda.

Before the start of the game, randomly assign each player a Role card. Players cannot reveal these cards to other players during the game under any circumstance. Put the unused role cards away.

Sneaky Wizards plays with the cooperative mode rules, but with a twist. Like the cooperative mode, the fame you get from defeating monsters is not your concern. Instead, the player that earns the most fame from completing their identity's objectives and hidden role predictions, wins.

At the end of the game, prior to player's revealing their role, they predict what role they think each player was(on paper). Players then reveal their roles. For each successful guess, they earn 1 fame. Players also gain fame by completing their role objectives. The player with the most fame wins.


Available Roles

 Role Team Goals
The Hoarder Good
  • 2 Fame - Survive the dungeon.
  • 1 Fame - End the game with at least 3 combo points.
The Nimble Good
  • 2 Fame - Survive the dungeon.
  • 1 Fame - End the game with the most remaining health.
The Proud Good
  • 2 Fame - Survive the dungeon.
  • 1 Fame - End the game without defeating a 1 fame monster.
The Traitor (2x) Evil
  • 3 Fame - The wizards are defeated.
The Mercenary Neutral
  • 1 Fame - Survive the dungeon, or be the last player remaining.
  • 1 Fame - End the game with the most fame from defeated monsters.
  • 1 Fame - End the game without healing any other player.


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