Zafty Cup Artifact Tournament Series


Our CEO really likes Artifact, so we're running an Zafty Cup Tournament Series.

The total prize purse right now is worth $630.00. 

It's likely to increase closer to the main event.


The Zafty Cup Series will be a total of 14 tournaments.

13 $10* Warm-Ups. 1 Main Event.


The $10* Warm-Ups will be run twice a week until the Main Event.

Format will be Random Two and/or Draft.

Winner will get $10 store credit.

For every Warm-Up you participate in, you will earn 1 Bye Point.

Top 32 Bye Point holders will earn a bye into stage two of the Main Event.

Here is the leader board for the Warm-Ups!

Main Event will feature prizes worth at least $500.

Format will feature several stages, and be a combination of Random Two/Draft.

Prizes for the top 8.

1st place will also win having their name engraved on The Zafty Cup - the Stanley Cup of card game tournaments run specifically by Zafty...


The first warm-up tournament is tomorrow, 2/8/2019 at 8:00 EST/14:00 CET!

Stage 1 is a 4 round Swiss Random Two, then a cut to 16 for a draft.

Link to register is:

Join our discord to keep posted and keep track of how many points you have.

Info on our website about the Zafty Cup.




The Zafty Cup first debuted at GenCon 2018. The Zafty Cup, also known as the Stanley Cup of card games by just us, is a perennial trophy where only winners of tournaments hosted by Zafty earn eternal fame. The next chance to win the Zafty Cup in person is at PAX East!